Recitative and Dance, by David Grusin

Richard Peercy, French Horn; David Grusin, Piano

Concerto No. 2 in E-flat, by Wolfgang Mozart

Allegro Moderato

Richard Peercy, French Horn; David Grusin, Piano

Serenade for Tenor, Horn and Strings, by Benjamin Britten

Pastoral (Cotton)
Nocturne (Tennyson)
Elegy (Blake)
Dirge (Anon. 15th Century)
Hymn (Ben Johnson)
Sonnet (Keats)

Richard Peercy, French Horn; Donald Berggren, Tenor; David Grusin, Piano

At the time of this recital, the music building was new and the recital hall was not yet equipped with recording equipment. We borrowed someone's home recorder and took the resulting tape to a studio where they created an lp-recording for us. Many years later, maybe in the late 1980's, the recording was transferred to a cassette tape. This year, 2014, the recording has been transferred to an electronic file. The technical quality of the recording is not the best, but the musical quality is the best. We are so very lucky to have something.

The lyrics for the Britten are available here.